Orchid Express Lunch

£12.95 Two course
£14.95 Three course
£15.95 Four course


Japan  | Tempura Tiger Prawns

Thai  | Beef Yum salad ***

Beijing  | Gyoza
Fried pak choi and mushroom dumplings v

Hong Kong  | Crispy salt and chilli chicken or squid *

Malaysian  | Chicken satay served with peanut sauce*

Hong Kong  | Duck spring rolls

Thai  | Mieng Gai
Lightly spiced minced chicken with shallots, peppercorns, garlic & lemon served on Thai Betel leave for you to wrap

Singapore  | Crispy prawns with Oriental mayonnaise

Sichuan  | Bang Bang Chicken*
Shredded breast of chicken with spring onion, peanuts and crispy potato shreds

Hong Kong  | Siu Yuk
Roasted slice belly pork with a yellow bean & honey dip

Japan  | Beef Tataki * £2.00
Seared rare slices of sirloin with a sake, ginger & orange dressing


Thai  | Tom Ka Gai **
Chicken based broth with coconut milk, galangal, lime leaves & chillies

Hong Kong  | Seabass Soup * £2.00
A light refreshing broth with fillets of seabass, a touch of ginger, tomato and white pepper

Canton  | Won Ton Soup
A clear light soup with parcels of prawn, pork & spring onion


Thai  | Green chicken curry **

Hong Kong  | Sweet and Sour Pork or Prawns

Sichuan  | Xiang La Prawn ***
Stir fried prawns with spring onion, chilli, corriander, mushrooms and ginger in a spicy Sichuan chilli sauce

Canton  | Black Pepper Beef
Diced sirloin of beef with peppercorns, lemon grass and peppers

Hong Kong  | Lemon chicken

Sichuan | Gan Ma Row **
Wok Fried belly pork with spicy Sichuan black bean sauce, chilli, garlic, spring onion & ginger

Sichuan  | Ma La Gu **v
A trio of mushrooms gently stirfried with spiced chillies, peppercorns and crunchy beansprouts

Thai | Lamb Pad Phet **
Stir fried sliced lamb with in a rich sauce or red curry paste, lemongrass, chilli and green peppercorns

Hong Kong  | Crispy Duck * £3.00
Served in a sweet and sour plum sauce

Philippines  | Beef Steak Tagalog
Chargrilled sliced sirloin of beef in a Tagalog sauce topped with sliced onions

Hong Kong  | Chicken with Black Bean
Stir fried sliced chicken with mixed peppers, onions and our special black bean sauce and a touch of rice wine

Thai  | Plaa Choo Chee * £3.00 **- Fried Seabass fillet served with Thai herbs,lime leaves & coconut creamed curry

Served with either:
Egg fried rice
Steamed Basmati rice
Egg noodles stir fried with soy
Phad Thai Jay Noodles
Singapore noodles * Additional charge for the dish


* Additional charge for the dish
* - Mild
** - Hot
*** - Very Hot
v - Suitable for Vegetarians

If there are any dishes you may like to have as an express option, please ask. An additional charge may be added.


Macau - Egg Tarts

Mango Pudding with Cream

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake

Vanilla or Coconut Ice Cream

To finish Coffee or Tea

Lemongrass Tea £1.50

Jasmine Tea £1.50

Japanese Green Tea £1.50

Taylor's Yorkshire Tea £2.00

Italian Caffetiere Coffee £2.00

Espresso £1.70

Double Espresso £2.30

Cappuccino £2.30

Café Latte £2.30

Liqueur Coffee

Irish coffee - Jamesons Whiskey £5.00

Calypso coffee - Tia Maria £5.00

French coffee - Cognac £5.00

Caribbean coffee - Dark Rum £5.00

Baileys Latte £5.00